Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…


Let’s begin with a couple of quotes to set the scene:

The truth is unpleasant and therefore unpopular: Humans have invented a social “reality” that denies reality itself – Corrupt

Every lie creates a parallel world. The world in which it is true – Momus

My central thesis, if I have anything remotely coherent enough to be called a thesis – central or otherwise – is that the world we live in is constructed out of lies. Not teeny, tiny white lies. But big fat melanistic ones. When you stop and think about it for a minute it becomes obvious. Or at least it seems obvious to me.

Reality is fundamentally unpleasant: you are born – you grow old – you die.

Life is signposted by numerous disappointments and tragedies, all culminating in the final oblivion of death.

It’s not like in the pornos – there are no happy endings.

In the olden days this wasn’t such a problem. You received your reward for a life well lived or got your just deserts on the ‘other side’. But nowadays the promise of eternal salvation or the threat of eternal damnation just isn’t so convincing. Post-Nietzsche, only crazy people and religious fanatics believe that there is anything good coming to them after death. Everyone else just better go and get their 70 virgins in now, before we find ourselves rotting in the ground getting eaten by snails, or, worse still, burnt to cinder sitting on some useless descendant’s mantle-piece, while he fornicates with his fat ugly wife, making you wish you had kept your genes in your jeans.

But luckily progressivism, aka Ultra-Protestantism, aka Evil Incarnate, poses a solution to this otherwise intractable problem: why don’t we just build the Kingdom of God on Earth right here and now, and call it the New Jerusalem, or Disney Land, or the European Court of Human Rights, or something?

A lot has already been written by Neoreactionarys about this, certainly enough to justify my not going off on a major detour to cover it again here. However, it is nevertheless desirable to stress to the relatively uninitiated reader that trying to establish transcendental ideals on the physical plane of existence is (a) never going to work, (b) never going to fail in a way which is pretty, and (c) virtually guaranteed to multiply insanity by a factor of, well, many.

So, because of the fundamentally, inextricably unpleasant nature of real-reality, we have been pwned into constructing a new social, consensus ‘reality’ out of a tissue of lies. For the Neoreactionary one of the most salient examples of this is the lie of democracy. The holiness of democracy has been incorporated into progressive religious doctrine as one of its core doctrinal beliefs and pseudo-organizing principals. Democracy has been elevated to an unassailable good in-and-of itself, even especially when it fails horribly, which must therefore be exported to the rest of the world – to hell with the consequences!

One of the problems with democracy is that it cares what people think, at least enough to be sufficiently paranoid about what they think to try to control it via the all-pervasive-systemic-miasma-of-ideological-pwnage that is the Cathedral. The Cathedral is an invisible, but only too real meta-institution, which aims to inculcate a particular set of attitudes and beliefs throughout society in order to pwan it. In other words, the Cathedral wants to indoctrinate people in line with progressive values because, just like any religious doctrine, the indisputable truth – and therefore the indisputability in general – of its values is the source of its power.

When truth based on belief becomes incontestable it takes a transcendental turn. Anyone foolish enough to question transcendental truth in public is a heretic and should expect to be treated as such. Under western democracy heretics are no longer burnt at the stake but are instead exposed to the ‘social consequences’ of permanent social, political and economic ostracisation. Speak out against the Cathedral and bang goes your job, your wife, your house, your car… hell, if the stench of ‘unbeliever’ is strong enough, even your dog will piss off too.

While these ‘social consequences’ are somewhat less extreme than being burnt at the stake, and faced with the choice I would obviously choose them every time, they are not nothing. However, at a structural level, what makes them so significant is that they are much more widely and thoroughly applied than any form of corporal punishment under any comparable historic state inquisition, for increasingly minor types of religious transgression.

To realise its program of total-indoctrination, the Cathedral emits the equivalent of an ideological-pheromone secreted cybernetically through the extended civil service, which consists of the education-media matrix, the judicial system, and various NGO’s (just subtract the ‘non’ for a more accurate picture of how these relate to the state). The aim of this is to generate a self-organising consensus of right(eously) thinking individuals and organizations. Failure of organisations or individuals to download and install sufficiently recent program updates bodes about as well for their long-term chance of survival as discovering that your girlfriend’s been barebacking with the South African police force in the name of human rights, or something.

This process, by which everything moves ever further and faster to the Left, has directly resulted in the construction of the current version of ‘consensus reality’ we inhabit. The problem with consensus reality is that it operates like a virtual-reality simulation nested within real-reality, in which actions play out their effects following the laws of the simulation, which pretty much anyone important is attempting to game. However, what makes this much, much worse is that actions taken in the simulation also have concrete effects back in real-reality, which, unfortunately for our progressive overlords, cannot be tuned out entirely. Even with everyone forcibly plugged into the simulation, real-reality persists, and the effect of its feedback can never be completely factored out of simulated-reality, although most political policy is designed to try to limit the fecundity of this feedback – usually by delaying its impact, which also tends to amplify it when it eventually breaks through.

For the Neoreactionary, what this amounts to is an insanely elaborate system of political-economic insanity designed expressly to kick the can a little bit further down the road, thereby ensuring the continuation of the temporary, short-term prosperity of our progressive overlords. It’s a shameful, and ultimately counterproductive self-serving exercise, which severs only to postpone and worsen the inevitable crises: doubling down on death at every roll of the dice. It spreads moral hazard throughout society as rational incentive structures are either dismantled or become inverted, inflating time preference to the point where civilization, without the introduction of a decelerating universal stipend, paid expressly for being useless, becomes unimaginable.

Back in reality, if you are stupid enough to play on your Xbox for seven days straight, without stopping to eat, sleep, drink, or masturbate, your meat-avatar back in the real world will drop dead, simple as. No amount of political correctness or economic madness can route around this insurmountable, physiological fact. What’s more it deserves to drop dead. You ignore the dictates of real-reality at your peril. But our progressive overlords won’t allow us to unplug ourselves from the simulation, binding our fate ever more securely to theirs.