Ebola, Effective altruism and state sponsored death


Last week we looked at how to use White Hate Magic to assist the spread of Ebola. Out of a sense of fairness, universal harmony and balance I thought it would be fun this week to look at how to stop the spread of the virus instead. Of course the plan outlined below isn’t going to happen, but it’s always fun to imagine. And, well, you never know, I mean things could get pretty desperate…

In a recent post JM Greer posed the following question:

“According to the World Health Organization, the number of cases of Ebola in the current epidemic is doubling every twenty days, and could reach 1.4 million by the beginning of 2015. Let’s round down, and say that there are one million cases on January 1, 2015. Let’s also assume for the sake of the experiment that the doubling time stays the same. Assuming that nothing interrupts the continued spread of the virus, and cases continue to double every twenty days, in what month of what year will the total number of cases equal the human population of this planet?”

He doesn’t provide the answer. But taking the current world population to be 7.125 billion, the date in question is Monday the 14th of September 2015.

The End of the World: it’s sooner than you think.

Now, let’s imagine that you wanted to avoid this scenario. What measures would need to be taken to stop the spread of Ebola across the globe? Right now it is still relatively restricted to an area of west Africa. This will change as more people become infected in larger African cities and when greater numbers of people start migrating and begin to seek asylum elsewhere. The potential of this to become truly apocalyptic is only too real. Unless something like the humanitarian plan outlined below is followed the death toll is likely to be 100’s of millions, if not more.

1) Impose a military curfew lasting no less than 30 days on all affected areas. If after 30 days there is still evidence of infection in the area the curfew will be extended for a further 30 days. Food and water will be delivered to families affected by the curfew twice a week. Anyone who breaks curfew for any reason will be shot on sight.

2) Anyone infected within a family home will be taken to a ‘treatment centre’. The only effective treatment for Ebola is death. Any living spaces in which someone suffered the disease will be incinerated and raised to the ground, alongside any possessions contained within. Looting from infected properties will be punished by death without trial.

3) All international travel will be heavily restricted for the duration of the outbreak. Something akin to the Bitcoin blockchain will be created, mapping the movement of individuals across international boarders, in order to restrict it. Anyone found to carry the infection will be taken to a ‘treatment centre’.

4) As Ebola spreads internationally the same curfew process is to be adopted by each affected area. First world countries are not to assume that their healthcare system and facilities are sufficiently advanced to treat Ebola patients. The only effective treatment for Ebola is death.

5) Anyone delivering food and water or ensuring the curfew is to be provided with sufficient protective clothing and well remunerated. Anyone who becomes infected will be taken to a ‘treatment centre’.

6) the bodies of all victims of Ebola are to be incinerated, irrespective of local custom or religious belief.

7) In all non-affected areas life is to proceed as normal. Anyone violently protesting the treatment plan will be incarcerated. Public protests against the treatment plan will be brutalised.

8) Boarder control is to be upheld vigorously throughout the outbreak. No one is to leave an infected area.

And that’s it. If implemented, a plan such as the one outlined above, albeit with a little more flesh applied to the bones, could potentially save millions of lives. At the moment the death rate in Africa from Ebola is 70 – 90%. As the epidemic turns into a pandemic, and the capacity of the authorities to cope is stretched even further beyond its limit, this will quickly begin to approach 100%. In such a situation only death can cure death. If each infected person on average infects another two people, and each infected person is close to 100% certain to die anyway, the moral imperative is to ‘treat’ them before they infect anyone else.

It’s effective altruism as civilisation preserving genocide.